Cassus / ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!

by Cassus

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released November 17, 2013

You can listen to the ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! songs here:

Kelvin Mace - guitar.
Nate Revell - bass.
Natty Peterkin - vocals.
Rik Fisher - drums.

Artwork by Natty.

Recorded by Cassus and Sam McCune.
Mixed by Will Killingsworth.
Mastered by Sam McCune.



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Track Name: Trilogy 1: Ostrich Hearts
Rally your friends for a reblog revolution;
we're slaves to sensation.
Your social spectacle is going to make no more difference than watching TV.
The only reason you think otherwise is because someone you've never met told you so.

Nobody is passionate about a cause they discovered 5 minutes ago, so why pretend to be?
Feeding the system you think you hate never felt more fulfilling.
Your eyes are glazed, and are so tired.

If we can't see the effects of our actions, chances are they had none.
Get out.
Make a difference the world will feel,
or you'll stay numb with it.
Your "action" is a form of sedation.
Track Name: Trilogy 2: A Thousand Tiny Explosions Of Glitter
I'll lie in the cold every night if it means I can feel alive.
We'll smash the tracks built for us - from the cradle to the grave - and get lost in the journey.
To fear the unknown is to fear life;
To side with death...
But is death not a greater unknown?
Track Name: Trilogy 3: All We'll Ever Need
There's no way out but in.
The unknown is all we ever have.
All we'll ever need.
There is no beauty but this.
Bound to freedom - to fight this is masochism; self-constricting capitulation to the misguided whim of our broken heritage (a prison built of shallow thoughts and warped intentions)
I won't wait for you. Life won't wait for you. Death won't wait for you. Time waits for no-one.