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Separation Anxiety

by Cassus

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adrianoesteves thumbnail
adrianoesteves The last album that really got me really excited. Favorite track: Curriculum.
voidcalledwendy thumbnail
voidcalledwendy This one's a monster. A leviathan of an album. It's hard-hitting and yet it has its more calm and melancholy parts. Especially boundless torpor is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. Buckle up, enjoy your ride! Favorite track: Boundless Torpor.
Keith thumbnail
Keith Heavy, emotional, chaotic. This thing is a monster. A standout release for 2018. Favorite track: Be a Man.
ferforb thumbnail
ferforb I love Cassus and I can't pick just one favorite track. I'll go with the one that impressed me the most. Favorite track: Being Sick on a Merry-Go-Round.
m-att thumbnail
m-att Epic album. Definitely one of my favourite releases of 2018 and still come back to it regularly. Looking forward to more stuff from these guys! Favorite track: Ceaseless Tumult.
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regressive mothers use Dettox tweens expand target markets you are your aesthetic you are your aesthetic’s corporate logos litter schools like confetti outside the games of tinted light the young won’t know to look for more self-worth spills with branded drinks onto the concrete floors they’ll follow twisting rays to shape a broken path to future laws morality forever changed by those who went before the price of maturity is brand awareness
Automate Me 02:03
hyper stimulated diffuse concern time is short time is short higher investments lower returns impotence arises from demands of omnipotence continuous frantic impulses attention shifts the present recedes biology recoded for external integration desire; exhaustion
Curriculum 03:05
abject double self eternal internal conflict cultural subjectivity ingrained by force hiding in the shadows of me school felt like a prison but it wasn’t it had me build the prison inside myself scraps of knowledge out of context out of truth drip fed the lie of objectivity false tolerance of superficial change and contempt for real difference separate everything! don’t think for yourself it’s just the way things are don’t question our rules it’s just the way things are childhood lost in the desert of the known drain the life from my eyes I was taught truth’s set in stone to accept a world-view that’s brittle and hollow taught to see in false light that anything else is a dangerous crime Equal Opportunity: your circumstance, your responsibility and freedom means fend for yourself yet duty means fend for your master or else I was taught not to care that legal injustice is rational; fair that there’s nowhere else to go and nobody simply deserves a tomorrow
mind flails against the inside of itself existence screams its merry tune perception pours in gushes through the eyes around the insides moments course through me endlessly overflow cascades from every pore a vessel ravaged ruptured dissolved trapped in the infinitely finite moment that is consciousness constantly erased and rewritten my head spins without bearings impossible to find one night feels endless in its inconceivable brevity one mind looms massive in its crippling incapacity for expansion my limits impassable distance vast realms beyond the reach of my corporeal subjectivity nothing can be known nothing at all ever one thing merges into another lose purchase in turn until everything is nothing nebulous existence defies plastic meaning
we say how sweet the sound as empty messages play loud what do you care about? can’t think as these pictures race round things aren’t easy has hope left me? regrets haunt me why must I be clouded by me? can’t I just be? I can explore new avenues new alternatives but the feeling that I will never see real change grows ever stronger I can’t imagine how we’ll ever move forward history’s mistakes repeated in one lifetime somehow it always gets worse and we come to care less
Be a Man 03:16
become the he we expect you to be stick with us and you’ll be fine you’ll learn to like it success defined by your peers, not yourself don’t invest in weakness keep love at arm’s length only cowards choose not to fight and we’ll soon stamp that out be a fucking rock be better, not equal take life by the balls sadness is for girls equate violence to sexual prowess keep your tears at bay are you fucking gay? only anger is masculine never ask only take misery in our wake you’ve got to make somebody lose to win we’ll crush all those who break the code until they do the same in turn we will never fucking ever learn don’t get sentimental caring will be punished you will come to fear sadness disassociate to prove your strength until you’re no longer a whole person hate is valued over love cruelty rewarded and compassion mocked we grind each other down in an endless cycle of abuse yet act surprised when we produce sociopaths murderers suicides
one mind so exponentially limited that even nothingness holds more substance mortal logic implodes on itself a seething mass of baseless claims impossible to verify impossible how can I explain oh I can’t explain this anguish that wells up inside oh I can’t explain oh I can’t explain this I’ve lost all sense of myself the needle crashes neatly organised ideas shatter amorphous being pours through the gaps nothing holds up to scrutiny nothing makes sense there’s nothing to explain it was just a feeling wake me up from standby please defrag my hard drive yet moments of feeling break through flood of meaning makes my eyes sting it blurs my view and I try to hold on but it’s already gone there’s nothing to explain it was just a feeling
centres of commerce bloat the land nitro boosted swollen sores burnt out husks are quickly forgotten in the rush for increasingly elusive virgin soil who needs a water wheel when you can make a dam? shops and concrete and cars and occasional stunted plants in small enclosures let’s visit the countryside none of this is needed! balance is out of fashion because fashion is out of balance our bond can never be undone we are all one all part of the Lifestream one all invested and reflected in everything no refuge in selfhood existence runs through us externality is a lie permeable we diffuse our world is a projection of self-affirming egotism an illusion we evidently won’t survive if we sustain
energy slips away every day it slips away I can barely focus my thoughts to form these words dragging myself through a haze of ennui too tired to be angry too tired to hope slow decay where is my fire now? fade away where is your fire now?
work the days away suicide by increments busy doing nothing who will remember you? I am so small yet yearn for so much more sense of loss with no object abstract desire; unfocused detached nostalgia for ...what? my chest only swells at the thought of things that cannot be I break my own heart project my love deep into illusions so it will shatter with them sentimentality for the lack thereof petty, superfluous, material beyond my control that this is all I can grasp it’s fine by me honestly it’s for the best it must be


Release by Dog Knights Productions, React With Protest and IFB Records. 12" records available to buy now from all labels.

Merch available at cassus [dot] bigcartel [dot] com


released April 27, 2018

Recorded and produced by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Kelvin Mace – guitar
Nate Revell – bass/vocals
Natty Peterkin – vocals
Sonny Patten – drums

Artwork, design and lyrics by Natty Peterkin


all rights reserved



Cassus Norwich, UK

Screamo band from Norwich, UK.


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