Cassus​/​I Don't Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings split

by Cassus

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released June 17, 2012

Recorded by Alfie Adams.
Mixed by Will Killingsworth.
Tracks are unmastered.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow
Always the pessimist - always right;
Every day, humourless ironies.
Wish I could be gormless and just love, ignore, live.
Better than have what you can't lose...
The sparkle you saw in my eye
was the seed of desire.
Lust for life is a curse.
Track Name: Waltz
All the colours are grey to me, and I'm afraid of happiness.
Track Name: Nothing Lasts
Drops of passion disperse like blood in water.
Beautifully unfolding, unfolding and dancing, until there is nothing left.

I never loved without regret.
I never did a thing the world won't forget.
Track Name: Alpine Folk Rock
My heart so full that I swear it could burst,
at times like these I wish I could cry blood;
ease the overflow of my soul.
Love, anger, pain - all merge into one.
It's all so bleak - how can we still be here?
Or is it just lack of "we" that I fear?

My heart so empty I can't take any more.
What I would give to escape myself...
I look to the sky, life is a fire.
It singes my wings, and I can't get anywhere.